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Bosch Introduces Enterprise-Level Building Integration System

Bosch Security Systems, a leading manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, has introduced the Building Integration System (BIS), the industry's most economical and scalable integrated building and enterprise management system. BIS is ideal for a wide range of applications including retail chains, banks, warehouses, university campuses, multi-facility medical complexes, office buildings and correctional facilities.

Unlike older, less flexible hard-wired systems, Bosch's Building Integration System seamlessly integrates physical and electronic security, access control, CCTV, fire systems, imaging, photo badging and building management systems. By allowing all components to easily exchange data, they work together more efficiently and effectively than they would independently, improving their performance and value and improving overall protection.

Based on cross-platform open connectivity standards (OPC), an innovative, open design that blends security system technology with information technology, Bosch's Building Integration System helps cut operating costs and increases operating efficiency. OPC technology eliminates the need for expensive custom interfaces and drivers and promotes interoperability among the widest available range of security and CCTV, building management and process control systems as well as different computing solutions and platforms. BIS uses OPC standard connectivity for most Bosch security system components as well as host level interoperability with many other systems such as BacNet, LonWorks, Modbus, ProfiBus, and X-10.

BIS provides a unified point of control to manage one site or many sites that simplifies operation and reduces training costs as well as the number of trained operators needed. The HTML-based interface is customizable, user-friendly, easily accessible via Internet or intranet, and offers identical message handling for all connected systems. The database is designed around the widely accepted Microsoft MSDE and SQL Server 2000 standards for database management, ensuring the upgrade path of the system.

The system fully supports AutoCAD graphic drawing display formats, including optional layered 3D and 2D site/floor plans, pan/zoom navigation and installed device control.

Operating on MS-Windows based workstations and servers, Bosch's Building Integration System is network-ready and scalable to fit any size business, from a single site to enterprise-class operations. With its modular design, the system can be extended at any time with additional security, access control, video and automation engines.

Building Integration System BIS – one platform for everything

The Building Integration System combines a number of technical systems: fire and intrusion alarm, video monitoring, access control and evacuation systems from Bosch and also 3-rd party equipment. All on one modular platform.


One platform for everything
Efficient building management is becoming not only more important, but also a more complex challenge. Nowadays organizations use multiple systems to monitor and control their buildings, ranging from fire and intrusion alarm to access control, video surveillance and building automation systems.
Efficient and simple
Monitoring, control, administration and maintenance of all these systems can be a huge challenge because individual systems only serve individual purposes. To completely secure and manage a building, you need a number of functions – and if you want them all, they have to run alongside each other. This approach is not only inefficient, unreliable and expensive, but also difficult to upgrade when your requirements change.

A single system – but still flexible
This is where the Building Integration System comes in. The idea is one solution that offers everything – combining different building management functions on one platform, and providing simple responses to difficult questions. But because every organization has unique building management requirements, the Building Integration System is modular. This means that, like with building blocks, you can add or remove single elements or create new combinations, which gives you maximum flexibility. This guarantees that you get the solution you need.
Complete solution for integrated building management
No matter how comprehensive and complex your building management requirements are, the BIS responds flexibly and is also extremely easy to use. The Building Integration System combines a number of technical systems: fire and intrusion alarm, video monitoring, access control and evacuation systems. All on one modular platform.


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