Fault Tolerant Access Controller

The World’s Most Reliable Security Architecture PCSC offers the world’s first Fault Tolerant (FT) controller series creating the highest level of reliability with its automated process of system recovery for access control, alarm monitoring and output control systems. The FT Architecture (FTA) is the next evolution of building security management designed with a Virtual Point

Two to Twelve Door Access Controller

The Multi-Configurable IQ Series controllers are PCSC’s benchmark for access control, input and output control monitoring. System configuration begins with either a two door controller (IQ 200) or a four door controller (IQ 400). Each controller can be expanded in 4 reader increments, up to 10 or 12 readers.

Elevator Cab Access Controller

Two or Four Door Cab Access Controller The IQ ELV Elevator Access Controller allows people to access certain floors of a building within a scheduled time frame based on authorization. Usually there is one or more elevator controllers in a system.

Supervised Input Module Controller

The SIM (Supervised Input Module) Series controllers are designed for projects requiring high populations of sense inputs. Unlike the IQ series controllers with reader capacities as the main design, the SIM’s strengths are in sense inputs.

LiNC-Ez—Low Cost Access Solution

This professional, yet low cost kit combines the LiNC-Ez access control software with the NRX controller to provide everything you need to manage your access control, alarm monitoring and building needs. All in one box!

Hotel & Lodging Access Control

LiNC-NXG Lodging Software Utilizing the ZLock for a fully Integrated Online Hotel Locking System A state-of-the-art integrated real-time access system especially designed for today’s demanding Lodging industry.


A fully Integrated Online Locking System A state-of-the-art integrated real-time access system especially designed for today’s demanding security industry. Unlike no other system, it is designed to provide the highest level of reliability, incorporated with the patented Fault Tolerant architecture and managed by LiNC-NXG software.

Perimeter Control

Complete facility control, detection and monitoring is now possible. Ensure access control beyond the building. Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection Systems provide optimum real-time monitoring of critical infrastructures such as: Sea Ports, Airports, Power Plants (including Nuclear), Military Facilities, Chemical and Oil Refineries, Borders, Pipelines and Tank Farms, Solar Energy Facilities, Communication Installations (cell towers), Mining, Prisons.


Fiber Optic Pipeline Monitoring System PipeSafe™ is an inherently safe, all fiber optic monitoring system for high-value oil or gas pipelines. The highly sensitive, yet unobtrusive fiber optic microphonic sensing cable placed on or near the pipeline automatically detects and localizes leaks as well as tampering (digging, cutting, operation of a drill motor, etc.).