Life and growth

 Life and growth of our people will change all the time. Whether it"s a good adult or a bad child, it"s not possible to go back in time and fix something like that and the story is going. Line up in the future, starting to be unrecognizable, such as being born, thought that it was a very good thing that we would not have a life born on the earth, play cruelly, those LINE will continue to fall into our lives Let"s continue to fight miserably. No matter how many paths we have come, we must fight through it. We live for tomorrow so that we may step into eternal happiness. And when we grow up living in the present and doing everything in perfection as we are able to expect and predict for the best in the future. Coming to visit us, although on the way that we may have to face a lot of dead ends, it will help us to go through what we think is difficult and in the end we will pass. It"s gone well, no matter how long ago all the bad things, how cruel and cruel to us, but when we saw that Going through that story will make it a memorable experience as a valuable lesson for us.

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